We all know the importance of keeping our personal information safe in this day and age. But what about entering your details into your mobile phone?
Mobile Information Safety
This application wants your personal details… is it safe to give them what they want? There’s a lot in the press at the moment about identity fraud and the safety of our electronic data so you’d be forgiven for being worried.

Mobile gambling services know that this is a concern for their customers, and it’s a concern for them too — if their games are used for fraud then they lose their money too as they have to pay it back.

That’s why there’s a lot of time and money spent on making mobile casinos and mobile betting software as secure as possible. Communications are encrypted which means the information is jumbled up so it’s not readable by humans and it’s almost impossible to decrypt.

We’ve investigated security on many mobile casino and betting services ourselves, and we’ve found that information is even more secure than on internet sites as mobile applications tend to use more advanced encryption techniques due to the wireless nature of mobile gambling.

If you still have worries, look on the provider’s website for information on security. Trusted security measures include SSL digital certificates, RSA encryption, or certificates awarded by the Financial Services Authority.

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