Using your credit card on mobile casino games is probably safer than using it at a supermarket. You may be surprised to know that credit card fraud on mobile phones and over the internet and is not very common.

Use My Credit Card At A Mobile Phone Casino

There is also a greater level of protection for online transactions; UK law states that you are not liable for fraudulent payments providing that your card is still in your possession. This means that banks will almost always refund you in full should your card be used for illegal transactions.

In any case, reputable mobile phone casinos, like LadyLucks Mobile Casino or Ladbrokes Mobile Casino, install high security software on their game applications to ensure that any delicate data that is sent over the internet is encrypted requiring a special key to unlock the data. In the unlikely event that a third party managed to intercept this data, they would find it impossible to make any sense of it without a key.

Having investigated security measures on all popular mobile casinos ourselves, we have found that data is even more secure than on internet websites as casinos tend to use more advanced encryption techniques due to the wireless nature of mobile gaming.

If you’re still worried, look on the mobile phone casino’s website or the help section in the games for information regarding security. Trusted and reliable security measures include: RSA encryption, 128-bit digital certificates, or any certificates awarded by the Financial Services Authority.

Finally, remember to always check your credit card statements, and never give out passwords or pin numbers on the phone or email.