Keno is a game that has provided excitement and endured for thousands of years, and now with modern technology you can play this ancient game on your mobile thanks to the Wild Jack Mobile Casino!

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Keno is one of the most popular lucky-number games in the world. With the convenience of your mobile phone, you can now play Keno whenever you run across some lucky numbers. Wild Jack Keno is just like original Keno except it’s on your mobile!

How to Play
The Wild Jack Keno board has 80 numbers on it of which you get to pick up to 15 of your lucky numbers. The Keno board then shoots out the 20 winning numbers. If your lucky numbers match, called a Hit, the winning Keno numbers, you win! The more matches you have, the more you win! The amount you win depends on the amount of the wager, how many numbers you chose and the number of hits. For example, if you picked seven numbers and got seven hits, you would win 100x your bet! The winnings can be truly staggering with the right lucky numbers.

Use Skill and Luck
You can develop your own personal strategy to win at Wild Jack Keno. Lucky numbers will appear almost anywhere: birthdays, license plates, telephone numbers, etc. Being able to play Keno on your mobile phone means that you can play your lucky numbers whenever you see them. It’s like playing the lottery, but you don’t have to wait to find out if you’ve won.

The ancient Chinese might not recognise their game on a mobile phone, but mobile Keno still provides the excitement just as it did thousands of years ago!

Game Type: Mobile Keno
iPhone / Android: Not yet
Casino: Wild Jack Mobile Casino
Welcome Bonus: £5
Deposit Bonus: 100% up to £100
Other Bonus: 10% Weekly Cashbacks
Depositing: Credit or Debit card, NETeller, Click2Pay and Ukash.
Withdrawing: NETeller, Click2Pay, Credit Card, Cheque