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keno In Keno, less is more. The chances of getting all the numbers are basically nil. And playing way tickets, or combination bets, or just particular numbers, won’t increase your odds either.

But getting at least three out of five numbers, now that’s possible. In fact, the odds are so much greater, that casinos rarely let you play unless you pick ten or more numbers. The smaller Keno machines let you pick fewer numbers, but the payout is much less. Still, at least you win something. Read more about Keno strategy.

What Are The Real Odds With Keno?

The odds of winning if you choose just one number are about 1 in 3. The odds of picking just two numbers rise to roughly 1 in 15. And then they go way up. In fact, of all the casino games out there, Keno has absolutely the worst odds for players, with the house edge running, depending on your source, from 25-66%.

The payout schedule is usually from 70%, if using a Keno writer, to 80-90%, if playing on a video Keno machine. The reason for this is obvious — you have to keep running over to the writer in order to submit your ticket; whereas with the machine, you can see your results immediately.

But let’s face it: you’re going to play Keno anyway because you still think you could win that big jackpot — after all, somebody has to. You’re also playing because it’s fun. And what’s wrong with that?