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keno Winning at Keno means picking numbers that are going to match number selected by the generator. You need to decide on the amount of numbers you are going to pick and which one you will choose. There is no guaranteed winning Keno strategy but there are some strategies that you can benefit from.

The more numbers, you pick the higher winnings you can potentially have. If you pick one spot with a £1 wager, you can win £3. If you pick ten spots you can win $1,800. And so forth. Also with the more numbers you pick, the more hits are needed to win. Being conservative on picking, you will more than likely break even.

Winning picking your numbers, there is not number that has any more chance of being picked over the others. The best strategy in picking numbers is just to pick with fun. Pick random numbers that have some importance to you. Since no number is better than another, just pick what makes you happy at the time.

Keno is an ancient Chinese game that incorporates Yin and Yang. Yin is represented at the top of the card and Yang at the bottom. It is recommended that you pick an equal number of spot on both the top and bottom. Learn more about the history of Keno.

Even if you do not believe in this Keno strategy, it does not hurt to try it.