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Mobile Keno Playing Keno requires some understanding of several different terms that the beginner may not fully understand. Equip yourself with some basic Keno terminology before playing.

Below you will find a list of the top 5 Keno terms. Of course, there are many other terms that the beginner should be aware of, but this is a good start!

All or Nothing - In order for a player to win with an all or nothing ticket, all of the numbers chosen must be drawn. Or on the other hand, none of the numbers on the ticket can be drawn for the player to win.

Blank - A blank is a ticket that has gone unused.

Hit - A hit is when a number on the player’s ticket has been drawn.

Catch All - A catch all ticket means that all 20 of the numbers that are printed on the ticket must be called in order to win.

Aggregate Limit - The aggregate limit is the total amount in which the casino will pay out for a single Keno game.

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