Ladbrokes, the British betting giant, have released a report on their iPhone sports betting application, which was introduced just before the World Cup.

Ladbrokes on iPhone

The reports shows that punters are taking up to Ladbrokes’ app in their quantities, over taking some of the other betting apps available on the famous Apple Store.

Ladbrokes released their iPhone app just after the surprise launch of another sports betting application from Betfair. The Betfair application, a real money sports betting product, lets iPhone owners use their mobile phones, for the first time, to gamble instead of having to use an online web browser.

Ladbrokes reported that the FIFA World Cup 2010 received the most bets ever on their mobile betting service for a sporting event. They received in excess of 100,000 wagers over mobile phones for the World Cup by itself. This amount was four times greater than the number of bets received via mobile phones since Euro 2008, the last major international football tournament.

Additionally, Ladbrokes said that turnover for mobile gambling for the last year was already twice the level seen just after the launch of the new application, and the number of customers betting exclusively on mobile phones has increased six fold.

John O’Reilly, Managing Director for Remote Betting and Gaming at Ladbrokes, said, “Since smartphones and particularly the iPhone have improved their user experience, mobile gaming and betting have become important growth markets. We’re very pleased that we’re the first major bookmaker to introduce a complete betting application for the app store, and we will follow up the successful World Cup application with the introduction of a broad range of other apps”.

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