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Lay Betting has become very popular over the past few years. A lay bet is just the opposite of a buy bet which in simple terminology means, you bet to lose. If you place a Lay Bet on a horse, for example, you are betting on that particular horse to lose. If your horse wins on a Lay Bet, you lose. If your horse loses then you profit from the loss.

This system actually places you in the position of a bookie since bookies bet on you to lose in order for them to make money from you.

Placing a Lay Bet requires you to use reverse strategy when you place a bet. You will want to research your bet, horse racing for example, by reading the Daily Racing Form, researching the horses past performances on certain tracks and in certain weather and decide if your horse has any chance of winning the race on which you are betting.

If the odds seem to be good that this horse will lose, this is when you place your Lay Bet.

Lay Bets are also popular in Craps where you are betting that the 7 will be rolled “before” the 4,5,6,8,9 or 10. Lay Bets are used more at online betting sites and casinos. Casinos also charge a fee for a Lay Bet called a vig.

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