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Poker Longest Continuous Play Game
In September of 2008, Dave Cain set a new world’s record for longest continuous play at 74 hours and 12 minutes. Cain’s effort, held in Lincolnshire, smashes the previous record held by American free-lance writer Larry Olmsted by two hours and 10 minutes.

Cain’s game was arranged with a dual purpose, to break the existing record and to raise money for charity. Although Cain was successful at establishing a new world record, he did fall short on the £10,000 he had hoped to raise for charity.

During the each of the record breaking games, both Cain and Olmsted reported experiencing hallucinations brought on by extreme fatigue and lack of sleep. The Guinness Book of World Records recently certified Cain’s new record.

Longest-Lasting Final Table Poker Game

Also in 2008, the record for the longest-lasting final table was set. The record was set by professional poker players John Juanda (US) and Stanislav Alekhin (Russia) during the European World Series of Poker.

After 22 hours and 355 hands of give and take, Juanda won the contest and took home the prize of £868,000 and the World Series of Poker bracelet. The play was hosted by the Empire Casino in Leicester Square, London in early October. The series was aired in the US on Super Bowl Sunday on ESPN.