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Unless you’re a professional gambler, you’re probably unfamiliar with a lot of the terminology of the lottery world. Not knowing lottery lingo could put you at a disadvantage when you’re trying to pick your numbers, or worse, when you’re trying to figure out what you’ve won! So here’s a quick look at some important lottery jargon.

Let’s start with the word “lottery” itself. A lottery involves a series of randomly chosen numbers, most often picked from a set of 49 numbers. To participate in a lottery, you would choose a small group of these 49 numbers (most often six of them). Then, at a set time, the lottery managers pick six numbers at random. You win a prize for matching three or more of your numbers to the six randomly chosen numbers, with the person matching all six numbers winning the largest prize, which is called the jackpot.

If you win big bucks in a lottery, you’ll probably be paid through annuities. An annuity is an instalment of your winnings that you receive each month, usually for 20-25 years. If you want all your winnings at once, you can play a cash lottery, also known as cash option or cash pay off lotteries, which are lotteries that pays you one lump-sum.

These are just a few lottery terms, but they’re enough to get you started on picking your favourite numbers, and hopefully winning some extra cash!

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