Random Games How do you know the balls in your mobile Bingo game are picked randomly, or the next spin on your mobile fruit machine isn’t fixed?

Fair mobile gambling depends on using something called random number generators.

To run an online or mobile casino you need a gambling licence. Getting a licence is not simply a process of handing a wad of cash to the right person. Gambling has always been strictly controlled in Britain which is why we have only recently looked at having a Las Vegas style mega casinos.

To get a gambling licence a company has to be checked out by the UK Gambling Commission. They ensure that the games on offer are fair and that you do have the chance to win. They even insist that a special random number generating machine be used to ensure the results are totally random.

It’s also very much in the best interest of the mobile casinos to offer a fair service. The casino business relies entirely on the popularity of its games. If word were to get about that their games were rigged they would very quickly lose their customers as no-one likes to be cheated.

Check out these UK based mobile casinos that are closely regulated by the UK Gambling Commission:

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Wild Jack Mobile – exciting games and big bonuses paid all year round.

And remember, a gamble is only a gamble if there is a chance you’ll win.