Microgaming, the world’s largest provider of online casino games, have announced plans to re-enter the US casino market. In 2006, the company pulled out of the gambling market in the US after gambling laws were changing over there. Now, the Spin3 division of Microgaming have developed mobile lottery system, LottoSpin, for the US market.

Lottery Slip on a Mobile Phone

Microgaming will offer LottoSpin in the US on a state-by-state basis. They are in a partnership with Pulse Interactive, a leading US provider of mobile lottery based ticket sales. Founded in 2003, Pulse are a mobile gaming specialist and have worked with many leading videogame developers. They now focus completely on the emerging mobile gaming market and are leading the creation of new mobile opportunities for lottery providers.

Over 3,000 mobile telephones, such as Blackberry, iPhone and Android, support LottoSpin. The expansion of traditional lottery programs to mobile devices creates an entirely new revenue stream for the states’ existing systems. LottoSpin will offer a broad range of instant-win games plus mobile casino games, such as Lotto Bonanza, Keno and Scratchers.

LottoSpin will not replace or compete with lottery operators’ existing systems. It will support and integrate with present programs to leverage their brand and point-of-sale system. Lottery operators will have better data to analyse their players’ gaming habits and increase profits.