Ladbrokes Mobile Betting Mobile Betting may seem as new as the transparent toaster but thousands of people have already enjoyed the benefits of whipping out your mobile while watching a life footy match and placing a bet.

Ladbrokes caught on to the Mobile Gambling buzz many years ago and have been offering mobile betting for over 7 years, that was before Harold Shipman shot to fame and Hear‘Say had a number 1 single.

In those seven years Ladbrokes haven’t put much effort into promoting their mobile betting service, nonetheless Ladbrokes Mobile Betting has been a big hit with punters and is one of their fasting growing areas. Anyone who visits the Ladbrokes website will see a tiny link to their mobile betting page and can request an instant download to their mobile phone.

The Ladbrokes mobile betting service boasts real-time price updates, live betting (betting during sports events) and you can login using an existing Ladbrokes online account. The Ladbrokes live betting feature is something we know is going to be a huge hit sports fans, Ladbrokes themselves say 25% of all mobile betting is done during sports events.

So if you are interested in getting in on the action and want to stick to major brand with 7 years of experience in the mobile betting field then give Ladbrokes Mobile Betting a try.

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