Mobile casinos have recently started to take off in a big way in the mainstream. The average player can now play all of the classic casino games on their mobile phones for real money with a few simple clicks of a button.
Popular Mobile Casino Games

Mobile casinos were slow to get going due to technology issues, but this has now changed with powerful, internet-ready mobile phones being the norm. Researchers at Juniper estimate that global revenue from mobile gambling will hit the £8 billion mark by the end of 2008.

Mobile phones are so sophisticated now that mobile casinos aren’t much different to online casinos. There’s huge progressive jackpots, live chat rooms, lots of ways to deposit and withdraw, and you get to play against real people from all around the world.

Aces Royal mobile poker is a great example of what current technology can bring to your little mobile phone. You can play real multiplayer poker against players across the globe just like online poker.

The UK’s most popular online casino 32Red is now available on your mobile phone too – 32Red Mobile has 14 great mobile casino games. Add to this the convenience of playing on your mobile phone instead of your big, slow PC in the study room, then it’s plain to see why mobile casinos becoming so popular.