Mobile Casinos Suck Those jerks and lousy bums across the pond aren’t allowed to gamble unless it involves going to a traditional casino owned by one of the many £multi-billion gaming corporations, there’s no room for little guys in the US gambling market.

So things like online casinos and mobile casinos are outlawed in America, if you want to play poker or casino games then you have to go to one of the major casinos.

The whole of Vegas is designed to get gamblers gambling and they will try anything to squeeze a few extra bucks from the millions of Americans who visit each year. This is why the Las Vegas Sands casino chain gives a special PDA to visitors who stay in their hotel-casino resorts.

The PDA is equipped with a “mobile casino” that only works in and around the hotel complex, so gamblers can have a quick punt in between spending money at the real casino games.

Maybe the service is for people who have the urge to gamble while in the lift on the way to the real casino, while they are on the toilet or maybe queuing at cash machine to withdraw their life savings.