Foxy Bingo Mobile claim that you can be playing real money bingo on your mobile within 60 seconds. Now, by anyone’s stretch of the imagination, that’s some claim. So Mobile Jackpots decided to do their own investigation. Armed with our special Mobile Jackpots branded stop watch and a Nokia phone, we requested a download of Foxy’s mobile bingo game…

Take Foxy Bingo’s 60 seconds to Mobile Test:

Having entered our mobile number on Foxy Bingo’s download page, we waited for the game to land on our phone. We didn’t have to wait long, because we received an SMS within 3 seconds. Our phone then downloaded Foxy Bingo Mobile which didn’t take long either — just 10 seconds, in fact!

Next, we opened the game and was told we had £10 free, and that we could use it immediately — without registering! So we clicked play and waited to join the next game, which started in 20 seconds. We waited and then voila! We were playing real-money Foxy Bingo on our phones in a game with a jackpot of £1,345!

And the overall time? 33 seconds! Test passed? You bet ya!

Perhaps Foxy should rename the test to ‘Go Mobile with Foxy Bingo within 33 seconds’! Try the test yourselves here and let us know your time!