How are land based casinos fairing in these tough economic times? Are people flocking to bookies and casinos in the hope of winning big to survive the recession?

Mobile Gambling And The Recession

During past recessions, gambling in casinos, arcades, sportsbooks and bingo halls increased. However, this time the opposite is true. People have become unwilling to spend the money required for travelling to land based casinos or bookies or bingo halls. Just ask any sports book or casino owner and they’ll tell you that they’re losing money.

But, gambling overall has not decreased. Yes, people are shying away from land casinos, but they’re using online or mobile casinos instead. Think about it — why waste money on travel when you can gamble without leaving your house?

And with the proliferation of mobile slots, mobile bingo and mobile betting, you can literally gamble anywhere you are. Mobile gambling is the most convenient form of gambling in history, whilst still offering a vast variety of games to tantalize players.

People aren’t going to give up gambling, because it’s thrilling and gives people hope. The gambling industry is on a threshold of more growth as it expands into new areas to suit the punters, like mobile bingo and poker rooms.