Mobile Gambling To The Rescue The MobileJackpots team believes having the option to gambling on your mobile phone is a damn good thing and might just save you from hours of boredom one day.

It happens to us all twice, three or maybe more times a year – you’re stuck waiting somewhere for hours on end without anything to keep you from going crazy. It could be in an airport lounge, in a traffic jam or on a train; we can all thing back over the past year and find at least one occasion when it happened.

For some people a ten minute wait without something to do can send them loopy, and for others they actually go through it willingly 10 times a week on the hectic train journey to work. This is just one of the facts of modern life and other than taking a book or laptop with you every where you go there isn’t much you can do about it.

Or is there? There is one thing you will always have with you: your mobile phone. Of course I’m not going to suggest playing a game of snake or giving your mother in-law a call, that would just make things worse.

How about practising your poker skills with a real live poker game against 6 other people on your mobile? If you’re not a fan of poker, then surely a game of Slots is up your street. In fact you can take your pick from hundreds of quick games including Roulette, Blackjack, video poker, Hi-Lo, Jacks or Better, loads of slots games and even mobile bingo!

The wide range of mobile gambling games can be pre-installed on your phone for free ready for whenever you are stuck for something to do. And, if you didn’t know already, the games are played for real cash payouts and can be played for just a few pennies.

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