Multiplayer Mobile Poker The real thrill of poker comes from not just winning money but winning money from other people. For mobile poker to be as exciting and alluring as poker should be, it needs to be multiplayer.

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Online poker players around the world spend over £1 billion annually, you can start a game of poker on your PC in a few simple steps. You’ll be playing against real people for real money, you can bet that very little of that annual £1 billion is spent on video poker.

Mobile Multiplayer Poker Offerings

Aces Royal

At the moment there is only one multiplayer mobile poker room: Aces Royal Mobile Poker. This lack of choice isn’t really an issue because Aces Royal have come up with a great mobile poker game that generally performs as well as online poker.

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To make their multiplayer mobile poker work they have made it as fast as possible while minimising connection issues. They claim bets can be placed and sent to all other players handsets in no more than 0.2 seconds, they also protect bets if a user gets disconnected and to sweeten the process they pay all download and data costs.

So if you want a game of poker on your mobile against real people then at the moment your only bet is Aces Royal Mobile Poker.

News Flash: There’s also Betsson Mobile Poker.