Nokia N95 Best Mobile Phone For Gambling

The Nokia N95 is Britain’s number one phone to gamble on, according to Probability Games. Previously in the number 3 position, the N95 stormed to the top of the charts, beating Samsung’s SGH F480 and Sony Ericsson’s K800i, which charted at positions 2 and 3, respectively.

Probability, a leading mobile gambling provider, based their chart on the number of registrations during a three month period on their casinos, which include the Sun, LadyLuck’s and Mecca Mobile.

“For people in the mobile industry, this chart shows that consumers who own feature rich phones are using them for more than playing Tetris and updating Facebook,” said Charles Cohen, Probability’s chief executive.

Nokia’s 8GB N95 smart-phone was the winner amongst more than 5,000 models that were used by customers on their casinos in the period. Probabilty said it plans to release its top 10 mobile gambling phones data every 3 months.

Top ten phones used on Probabilty’s casinos between January and April, 2009:

  1. Nokia N95
  2. Samsung SGH F480
  3. Sony Ericsson K800i
  4. Samsung SGH J700
  5. Nokia 6500s-1
  6. Sony Ericsson W5800i
  7. Samsung SGH G600
  8. Samsung SGH E250
  9. Sony Ericsson W910i
  10. Nokia 6300