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A lot f people enjoy playing poker online with other players. Recently there has however been increasing concern for the rising number of non-human players at online poker tables. The argument continues as to whether this computer programmed players or “bots” are legal or a form of cheating or if they are actually even useful.

Poker bots are computer programs that are designed to help a human player play without interference. You simply select the poker table and activate it. There are a large number of poker bots being sold online all promising success and wealth to the user.

Some advantages of poker bots include that they are less prone to human nature and emotions. The bots won’t get tired, angry, weak, careless or impatient as a human is prone to become over time. This thus makes many people believe that it is a form of cheating. In fact many online poker websites do not allow them. Many of these bots however come with a cloaking device which makes them hard to detect.

Aces Royal Online poker bots are becoming more popular and many poker players have been curious enough to have tried it out at least once. A number of people at poker forums online have claimed to have won money using these bots.

Many people however still believe that poker bots is still no match for the experienced player yet the level of use and acceptance is certainly rising.

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