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Playing blackjack with bad players is probably like swimming with drunk sharks – they could hurt you, if they could get to you. Realistically, though, they’re harmless.

They may cause you to lose one hand, but their lousy playing may also help you win the next. It may not seem like it at the time, but if you watch what happens over a series of games, it will become apparent to you.

In Casino City Times, Fred Renzy wrote in “Blackjack Experiment Shows Bad Players Don’t Hurt You” (May 4, 2001), that he played 300 games at home against a mock bad third baseman, and found that only 59 times did the bad player affect his outcome.

Aces Royal Of those 59 times, “his bad play turned me from a winner into a loser 19 times and demoted 3 more of my ‘woulda been’ winners to a push…. Third base’s mistake [however] converted my ‘would be’ loser into a winner 22 times and saved 4 other losers by turning them into a push…. [Also] third base’s bad play improved 8 of my ‘would be’ pushes into a winner and torpedoed 3 ‘would be’ pushes into a loser. So overall, third base’s 300 mistakes actually improved my own results 34 times and hurt me 25 times.”

So playing blackjack with lousy players would actually help you. Remember that the next time one is around, and smile while everyone else steams.

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