Pot odds in Poker can simply be defined as the ratio of the pot value to the amount you would have to bet to remain in the hand. Mobile Gambling lets you play mobile poker against real players in the UK – give Aces Royal Mobile a try.

Aces Royal

Pot odds is a way used to measure the percentage of return you have on your call. For example if the value of the pot is £200 and you need to bet £20 to remain in the hand then the pot odds is 10:1 which is good.

When used properly pot odds can tell you when to fold because the pot odds are too low and when it is advisable to call because the pot odds are high. You can also use pot odds to influence the other player to fold or to call. A low pot odd is regarded as that below 3:1 while a high one is anyone above 3.5:1. The fact that the pot odds are high is not however guaranty that calling would be a good option.

Aces Royal It is useful to go along with pot odds when you have are at least a mediocre hand or you have a top pair and a weak kicker, or you have a straight hand while there is a possible flush on the board. Once you hand is not all that good and the pot odds is also not in your favour then you should fold.

When contemplating whether to fold or to stay the hand, you need to consider the pot odds. You may not win every time but it sure gives you an advantage of betting sensibly as it shows you when the potential of your winning the hand compared to what you have to bet promises good returns for the risk.

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