Whether you are playing poker at home with friends, in a traditional casino or at a mobile casino there is basic poker etiquette that every player should know and use.

Aces Royal

It is important to have a good time while playing poker but it is very important to be respectful to everyone in the game at the same time.

These are some basic rules to follow so that the game runs smooth:
1. Only play on your turn.
2. Do not talk to others about your cards with the hand is still playing.
3. Do not show your cards when you fold.
4. Do not be rude to any other player or the dealer.
5. Pay attention and keep up with your turn.
6. Place your bet in the centre of the pot; do not throw in your cards.
7. Do not give others lessons while at the table.
8. Accept when you lose and be courteous.
9. Do not damage your cards by throwing, tearing or bending them.

When watching the big poker tournaments, you will see that the big winners usually have good sportsmanship and poker etiquette.

Aces Royal It is believed that good manners and etiquette at the pocket table make it more pleasant for everyone, helps to get more hands played during the game and may help increase your winnings.

What about mobile poker etiquette?

Because mobile poker is played against real live players, it is important to keep manners and etiquette in mind too. Aces Royal and bwin Mobile both have chat rooms that let you interact with other poker players too.

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