When playing mobile poker you will be playing against real individuals, each with their own poker strategy. One way of keeping ahead of your players game is to keenly observe their betting patterns.

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Spotting betting patterns during a poker game can be similar to putting pieces of a puzzle together. One of the most important keys to success while playing poker is observation.

If you can not be observant you will be less than successful in any good poker game. It is critical to have a good memory to follow each opponent and their betting patterns whether it is to raise, bet or check. It is also important to know what the opponent usually does prior to a win or lose.

General observation skills must be perfected, because the individual who is successful has an eye for detail. This observation can be seen as a matter of mathematics because in your mind you must keep track of each time the opponent stays in the game and the calls he makes during the game such as how much of a bet he places, when he calls or raises, and how often he folds.

Knowing your opponents betting patterns will raise your chances of winning. Their mannerisms are also critical which is why you need to know as much as you can about your opponents.

Aces Royal Many people develop facial expressions or other mannerisms when they get nervous, nervousness is a sign that the are unsure of the hand they hold being a winning hand. This can be used to your advantage, the most difficult part of this observation is knowing what each player is going to do.

Keep in mind that while you are studying the patterns set forth by your opponents they too are observing and tracking yours, so be careful and have not set pattern for them to use against you.

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