Poker is a game of mind versus mind. The cards come into play and you are playing against someone that you do not know.

If you are aware of the terminology of poker and can talk the talk then walking the walk will be no problem. It can be a game of poker at a casino, online or mobile poker with Aces Royal.

Aces Royal

Some words to play by include small blind, big blind, all-in, slow play, check, raise and fold.

Small blind is a forced bet in the seat next to the dealer. The dealer would be on the button and last to act in that hand.

The big blind is also a forced bet and that would be two seats after the dealer.

All-in means putting all your chips into the pot and letting it ride.

Slow play or trapping are ways to get opponents to bet when you are holding the best hand.

Check is seeing another card without betting, but be careful someone could bet or raise you and now you may be forced to quit that hand or as the pros say it, fold.

Aces Royal Some lingo can be picked up by watching the pros. Phil Hellmuth is popular for saying “Only a donkey would make that call” and that means someone called with rags and managed to suck out on the river. Rags are any two cards, like 7, 10 that almost never hit. Suck out on the river means that someone called with that hand and caught a pair.

You can play poker on your mobile phone with Aces Royal, Bwin mobile and Betsson Mobile.

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