All microgaming mobile casinos give you the chance to be the first mobile casino millionaire. This is made possible by the massive £1 million progressive jackpot on the Major Millions mobile game.

By now you’ve likely seen games that have a progressive jackpots as their prize or in addition to other possible prizes. Progressive is a good word right? So this likely has you wondering, “What is a progressive jackpot anyway?”.

A progressive jackpot is basically a prize amount that increases either over time since the last time it’s been won, or by games played since it’s last winner.

Though some progressive jackpots have a prize limit, others will keep on progressively growing until someone wins the jackpot. This of course could be very profitable to you, however don’t get too excited yet.

Generally winning the progressive jackpot in any game requires obtaining a hand/match/etc. that has low odds of occurring, for example a Royal Flush in poker. That is the point though isn’t it? If winning a progressive jackpot was easy and had high odds of occurring, the jackpot would never grow to be very large.

A progressive jackpot will revert back to zero or whatever the set starting point is once it has been won, and then begin to progress upward all over again. Generally the “house” sets this starting point as well as how much the jackpot increases over time or player, as well as the jackpot maximum if there is one.

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