Gambling Most people know that the odds of winning at a casino game are supposed to be determined completely by chance. The question is, how is this actually done?

You may have seen or heard the term “random number generator” or “RNG” when reading about slot machines. This is a piece of computer programming that determines the outcome of each play. A random number generator is used in slot machines at land casinos and computerised random number generators are used for most mobile casino games too.

Inside the slot machine, there is a microprocessor that runs a program called a random number generator, which is constantly creating strings of random numbers. Any time the slot machine has power, the random number generator is generating numbers.

The microprocessor is programmed so that every few milliseconds, it spits out a new number. Each number translates to a different outcome on each of the reels. At a certain point- when the coin is inserted, the ‘play’ button is pressed, the lever is pulled- the microprocessor freezes on the number it has just created. This number determines what the reels will stop on.

There is no way to influence or predict the outcome of any play on a slot machine; the RNG creates new outcomes at high speeds. The tiniest pause before pressing the button or inserting the coin, and the outcome will be different. The random number generator ensures that the slot machine operates only under the influence of chance.

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