Gone Bingo are the first to launch an Android Bingo game – no other mobile bingo game is Android compatible!

Gone Bingo have just updated their mobile bingo game to be fully touch compatible – including iPhone & Android phones. Gone Bingo is the first ever bingo game to work on Android handsets and shows how the fast Growth of Android has left software developers behind.

Android only went mainstream in 2009 but since then has seen very rapid uptake. In May 2010 Google announced that over 100,000 Android handsets were being activated every day – by December 2010 this had risen to 300,000 a day!

The super fast growth of Android meant that mobile bingo and mobile casino developers haven’t been able to update their games fast enough.

mmmBingo was updated to work on iPhones in 2010 but still doesn’t work with Android; LadyLucks released a few mobile casino games on the iPhone but their mobile bingo game doesn’t work on either iPhone or Android.