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Scratch Cards have become a popular way to play lotteries, prize winning games and quizzes. The player would have to scratch all or just a portion of the card to see the concealed information to see if they have won.

Some cards are simple requiring the player to just match a set (usually three) of numbers or symbols to win prizes. Other cards are more complicated and offer various ways to win on a particular card.

Scratch Cards could use pictures, symbols, numbers or words. Some cards are also designed as adaptations of other card games such as poker, blackjack and even monopoly.

Scratch card games can also be linked with themes such as the FIFA world cup, Harley Davidson, marvel comics, sports teams, F1 and other popular sporting game themes.

Today scratch cards are a very popular form of gambling. The cards are usually cheap to purchase and easily accessible. Scratch card games are also available on the internet where java and flash is needed to run the game. The odd of winning with scratch cards depends on the price of card, the game type and the prize size.

Today, the dawn of mobile gambling means scratch cards can now be played on mobile phones. Try your luck by playing a mobile scratch cards through Hopa Mobile, Ladbrokes Mobile Casino or Zero36 Mobile.