We have all been there, the moment you get up from your slot machine some little old lady rushes over drops one coin and hits the jackpot. Would you have won if you had just spun the wheels one more time? This is the number one myth about slots.

Most myths about slots can be written off if the person understands how a slot machine works. The heart of a slot machine is a digital random number generator. These are preset from the factory. Most casinos fall under gaming rules that require paper work to be submitted any times pay out schedules are changed on any game.

Each spin of the wheels on a slot is treated as an individual random number sequence by the number generator and the exact second the button is pushed or the arm is pulled determines what will show. This makes every turn equally likely to win or lose.

Knowing the workings of slots and the legal ramifications if a casino got caught changing pay outs illegally does not change the fact that it is still part of the fun to give that slot machine a life of its own. Many myths about the slots come out in fun or exasperation on the casino floor.

These include changing the payout. The machine has given so many losses it has to give a win, and counting symbols to figure payouts. The logical side of the mind reasons these things out, but most people go to play slots for fun not logic.

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