You might have noticed that some mobile casinos and mobile betting operators ask you to text a ‘keyword’ to a ‘shortcode’ (e.g. “TEXT GAMBLE TO 89895″). What on earth are shortcodes and keywords exactly?

A shortcode (sometimes called a ‘short number’) is a special kind of telephone number smaller in length than a normal number that is designed to be easy to remember. A keyword is what you’re asked to send in the SMS to the shortcode (e.g. ‘GAMBLE’). Mobile gambling operators frequently use a keyword-to-shortcode to allow users to request to download their mobile software.

If you were anything like us at one point, you’d be hesitant about sending the message in case you’re charged something outrageous or fear being added to a subscription service that costs ‘£4.50 to opt-out’ of. It is certainly the case that this occurs with some shortcodes and generally speaking you should be wary.

However, most casinos featured on this site do not charge you anything for using their shortcode while the remainder charge you a very small one-off fee. If we learn of any extortionate shortcodes used by any mobile gambling operator we’ll be sure to post about them on mobilejackpots.