Bingo Bonanza is a brand new bingo-themed mobile game by Spin3, designed for exclusively smartphones.

Wild Jack Bingo Bonanza

This is Spin3′s first ever mobile bingo game, and they’ve done a good job. This isn’t however a traditional mobile bingo game — rather, it is an instant-win scratch card that has a bingo theme. (If you want to play real bingo on your phone, check out Tiny Bingo.)

On Bingo Bonanza 6 balls are drawn, and if you match two balls you win. The value of the balls is mutiplied by your stake. It’s possible to win 20,000x your bet.

Bingo Bonanza has a Turbo mode that speeds the game up to provide a faster gaming experience. In addition, if you go into the options and change the game’s colour scheme, something which we’ve not seen before on mobile gambling games. By the way, the game will only work on smartphones as it’s web-based.

You can play any Spin3 game at the Wild Jack Mobile Casino.