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Gambling on sporting events is an enormously popular activity, largely because almost any game can be made “betable” through the handicapping process.

Handicapping originated in horse racing and in its early applications, bookmakers set odds on horses based on their perceived chances of winning. Betting “action” on the horses could cause the bookmaker to shift the odds to better position the bookmaker against losing money on the race.

In sports handicapping, there are two variables that are used to process bets on any particular game or event. The first variable is, as in horse racing, the odds assigned to each team.

When two teams are to play, professional odds makers will try to state each team’s chances of winning. The odds are meant to reflect the relative qualities of the two teams, and modified by such things as which team is playing at home, known or potential injuries to key players, etc.

The other variable used to set up betting action is the “betting line”. This is a value in terms of points, in which the favoured team must win by more than the “point spread” for a bet to win. The bet that takes the underdog wins his bet if either the team wins outright, or loses by less than the point spread.

In either type of bet, the individual is testing his analytical skills against that of the professionals.

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