Forget logging on to your PC or going down to the bookies – give mobile sports betting a try!

Sports Spread Betting isn’t as complicated as it may sound. The spread is basically a cushion for the favoured team in a particular game. Let’s say for example Arsenal are favoured by 3 points or in other words have a 3 point spread to beat Wigan in an FA Cup match. This essentially means that Arsenal start out with a 3-0 within the score of the game in terms of your bet.

So as long as Arsenal don’t lose the actual game by over 3 points you either win the bet or it is a push and no one wins depending on the parameters of your bet. I know this is a rather simplistic explanation, but I think part of the reason why seasoned sports betters want to make it sound more complicated than it truly is because they want to keep the “common” person from betting and proving that nearly anyone can have success if they know the sport they are betting on.

I cited the idea of a push not coming into play at all because I know people who are friends who would go ahead and give the Bills the win in the case I described above. Honestly though if you feel you don’t have adequate information about the betting terms being used before you place a bet be sure to ask a family member or confidant that you can trust.

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