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The main object of Blackjack is very simple. The player has to achieve a sum that is greater than that of the dealer, but does not exceed 21. If you go over 21, you lose. When other players are playing at the table, again only the dealer is your opponent in the game. You must take a look at your cards and at the dealer’s card.

The play starts and a card is dealt, viewable, to each player in turn and then one to the dealer. The dealer’s card is known as the “hole” card and it’s not viewable. The second step of the play consist dealing a second card, again face up, to each player. Starting from the player which is on the left side of the dealer, each player determines whether to hit further cards or stand.

Aces Royal After all players have finished their hands, the Dealer continues to draw cards in order to complete the his hand.

After this four steps, the game is in the ending position and the player wins if his total is higher than the total of the Dealer’s hand or if the Dealer goes over 21 but the player is not busted. If the sum is equal between the player and the Dealer, then the player neither win or lose.

The cards from 10 to K (including J and Q) are all counted as 10. Ace is counted as 11 or 1, depending on the owner’s hand. Blackjack is a combination of Ace and picture card or 10. The sum is then 21 and the payout is 2.5 : 1.

If the first two cards are of the same rank then you may split them to make separate hands. You will get an extra card for each hand and the wager for separate hand is equal to your original bet.

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