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Aces Royal Blackjack or twenty-one as it is also called came to the United States from Europe in the 1800’s. At first twenty-one was not very popular in America. In an effort to get more gamblers to the Twenty-one tables gambling establishments offered extra payouts in the game.

One pay out was if the player drew the ace of spades paired with either the jack of spades or clubs typically paid ten to one. This hand became known as Blackjack.

The name stuck, the entire game became known as Blackjack. Coincidently some casinos still pay an extra bonus for an ace of spade paired with a Blackjack even today.

Aces Royal The European history of Blackjack places the game as originating in France sometime in the 17th century. The French called the game Vingt-et-un which really is just French for Twenty-one. While both card games are called Twenty one the French version has different rules than Blackjack played in the casinos.

Starting in the 1960’s with a man named Edward O. Thorpe a sort of war was began between casinos and card counters. Thorpe proved it was possible to beat Blackjack games in casinos by counting cards and using math. In the 1970’ Ken Uston won millions in casinos playing Blackjack by card counting.

This war still goes on today between card counting mathematical genius’ and casino invention to stump them. This rivalry is a part of what keeps Blackjack popular as a casino game. The average blackjack player can also learn basic Blackjack strategies to increase their chance of winning. Do you know about the Blackjack edge?

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