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Aces Royal

European Roulette is one of the oldest casino games around. The rules of roulette are straight forward and simple, but the game itself has a colourful history. There are several different varieties of roulette and the European and American versions vary slightly.

The first type of roulette was played in France in the 1700s. A combination of several different English wheel games with some Italian counterparts it has been played as it is currently known since 1796 in Paris. This is known because the game is described in depth in the French novel “La Roulett, ou le Jour.” This board goes on to describe a roulette wheel in exacting detail.

The main difference between the early European style wheel and the American wheel is the number of slots that pay out to the house. On a European wheel the house has two slots, whereas on the American one there was three.

Aces Royal This changed slightly in the 1840s where wheels in Germany started to have the single 0 style to compete against the wheels with the double ones. In America most of the wheels have the double zero while the single zero is dominant in Europe. There are 36 other slots on standard roulette wheel numbered 1 through 36. They colours for these numbers alternate between red and black, with the number zero being green. The sequence for these numbers is standardized for both single and double zero wheels with each of these being different.

Players can bet several different ways on a roulette wheel. They can simply bet single numbers, or a range of numbers, or a single colour like black or red. Payouts will depend on the odds for hitting these different numbers.

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