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Pay by Phone Bill The origins of the Jacks or Better poker are not very clear with many theories being advanced. However, the general consensus is that the game was first played on steam riverboats on the Mississippi river. The first documented reference of the game coming from J.H. Green who in 1834 refers to a card game with similar rules to Jacks or Better poker, which he calls “the cheating game.”

As time passed Jack or Better poker became more and more widespread through the Unites States and earned itself the reputation of an honest game in comparison to Three Card Monte and other popular card games of the time.

By the 1900’s the game was well established and very popular among card players. Its popularity increasing even more when, during the mid-70’s the first video poker machines were introduced into casinos.

It was reasoned that one of the main motives for this increase in popularity was the simplicity behind this set of rules.

Pay by Phone Bill

The concept of the game is that a pair of Jacks or Better wins: the better hand consisting two pairs, flush, straight, etc. up to a royal flush. Whether these rules are easier to adapt in the form of video poker or not Jacks or Better poker is a very popular game with a considerable fan base, all around the world.

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