The digital era came along and opened up the world of gambling to seemingly endless possibilities. Video Poker hit the big time by 1981 as computing technology improved.

Mobile gambling, mobile casinos and mobile poker can all be traced back to the 1970′s when computerised poker was just being born.

As the personal computer was being introduced to us in the mid 1970’s, the gambling world was coming up with new ways for gamblers to play games. Video Poker was thought up by a man named Si Redd and he showed it to the company he was working for. At the time he was working for Bally Gaming in the distributing department.

Bally Gaming was unsure of the prospect of something new and decided against Redd’s new invention. Little did Bally Gaming know, when Redd asked for the patent they would be making a big mistake by letting him have it.

Redd went to another company by the name of Fortune Coin Company and made a deal to create a new company. The name of this company became Sircoma which meant Si Redd Coin Machines. Redd held the patent for the video poker machine while mass production began on the game. The early days were slow, however by the time 1981 rolled around the video poker game was a very popular and a great new item in the casino world.

A year later, Redd took his company public changing the name to International Game Technology (IGT). With Redd’s success on the video poker machine he made the transformation for casinos everywhere into a new age of gaming.