The Lidl Effect And Gambling You might have heard about the “Lidl Effect” which is basically shoppers switching from their usual supermarkets to the newer discount chain Lidl. With so much gloomy financial news on the TV every day, people have been switching to Lidl in their thousands.

So what about gambling, is their a Lidl effect?

If you are feeling the pinch and need to cut down on your spending during the current economic downturn – gambling is an easy place to save money on. You might be used to paying £2 for a scratch card or putting a few 50 pence peices in a fruit machine down the pub.

You can switch to mobile gambling and save money – this is the Lidl effect. Most mobile casinos let you download and try games for free and you can then place bets for as little as 10p. All of this can be done at home without spending more money on petrol or booze.

Start saving today with these mobile games starting from just 10p:

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So just by changing a few habits you can keep the thrill of gambling and save money too.