Renewing Your Phone For you keen mobile gamblers who are thinking of renewing their phones, we’ve written a short guide on what phones to go for and what phones to avoid.

Phones To Avoid

Try to avoid PDA phones, Motorolas, and lower range Samsungs. PDA phones such as the Blackberry range and Palm range tend not to handle games too well, with some not even supporting them. Those that do support them have different keys than normal phones so not all gambling software will cope with them, and you may even find the screens flash as you play.

Motorolas are often very slim, attractive phones but this is at the expense of usability. They tend to be slower than most equivalents and don’t handle net connections and gameplay well. They also run out of memory rather quickly.

The newer, more expensive Samsungs are okay, but the low-end budget ones can be problematic, and like other manufacturers such as Sharp, have fixed info bars that tell you your battery level and signal strength. These bars show all the time. It’s not a problem — it just means you have less screen space for the game so remember this when looking at screen size.

Phones To Go For

Top-range Nokias are all a good choice but even their more modest phones, like the 6124, have good screens, are fast, and have decent storage. Just remember if the screen is advertised as 128×128 or looks rather small you are going to be squinting into it. Sony Ericssons are fantastic. They run anything and can even resize games to fit their screen. They usually have a good spec, too.

In reality, most up-to-date phones will be fine no matter what manufacturer or price range as the makers have realised we want to do more with our handsets than just talk and text.