Gambling “Hit me”, the very words uttered by the man that needs an ace to get 21. What more can you ask for, than the thrill you get from gambling.

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Common sense tells you to back off but the inner fire tells you to stick it in. The excitement of victory seems like a shot of ecstasy, feeling like you are on cloud nine. A bitter defeat however, leaves you in a rage only being able to see the 7 card that you needed.

Popularity also tends to favour on those that gamble everything. You may enter the casino alone but you may leave with one or even two ladies by your side. Gambling itself varies whether its Blackjack or even the more popular poker.

Not all gambling comes in high stakes. Take slot machines for example. Only three 7′s separate you from thousands to even millions in the jackpot. Just as the slot machine can be your saviour it can also be your reaper. Luckily for you you are on a roll, can’t stop now. Take your chance and hit the jackpot, just for the thrill.

Winning the jackpot may come with its own little dance and the smiles of every stranger – we all have felt the thrill of winning. So what’s it going to be will you stand there staring in from the entrance or will you take your chance on Lucky 7 and go for the gold.

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