What exactly is the thrill of horse race betting? Whatever the thrill, you can get more action through your mobile phone thanks to mobile sports betting.

Mobile Betting Horse racing is such an exciting sport and horse betting such exciting gambling because of the beauty and intensity of the sport and its athletes. The horses are carefully bred for speed and stamina, carefully nurtured, fed, and cared for, and trained to provide their peak performances.

The jockeys are pound-for-pound as tough as any sport’s athletes. Though small in stature, jockeys must have excellent strength, especially in their arms and hands, and great dexterity. Lastly, they must be courageous in order to participate in a sport in which one-ton animals are racing at high rates of speed and under uncertain conditions of footing.

Beyond the qualities of the athletes, horse racing offers the fans a chance to analyse data visually inspect the horses, and plan their bets at a comfortable pace, relaxed yet full of anticipation. New technology and the rise of mobile betting only adds to the thrill of betting on a horse race.

Once the race begins, there are stages of the race to focus on, there are horses that like to lead early in the race, others that like to track just behind them, and others that have their bets runs in the home stretch. The running of a race is always accompanied by a loud and animated crowd of handicappers, hoping to hit a nice bet.

Mobile betting allows horse racing fans to bet from home using their mobile phones. Try placing a bet with Ladbrokes Mobile Betting, William Hill Mobile or Bwin Mobile Betting.