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Here are our top 3 mistakes made by bad Bingo callers:

Having a monotone voice. This actually will drive people to sleep. People want to be excited when they hear those numbers being called. By having a monotone voice, people will begin to feel bored with what they are doing and will drive them away.

Ignoring the audience. By not looking at your audience and ignoring them, you might be offending people that are there for you. Give them your attention, let them know you are there to enjoy their company. This can be done by, basically having a conversation with them. Talk about the crazy weather in between games, let them know about special events. Talk about Birthdays, ask for a show of hands and see how many in the audience are celebrating their birthdays, this will make them feel more welcome.

Talking down to people. Even when you are calling out the numbers, treat your audience the way you want to be treated. With kindness and respect, make everyone, even those you aren’t comfortable with, feel like they are a friend. Giving a little kindness will take you a long way.

The more players enjoy the game, the more they will be back and by word of mouth advertising, they will want to let their friends know and get them involved in the bingo hall/centre they play in.

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