Probability Games, owners of the LadyLucks mobile casino, have finished developing a new mobile slots game based on the class quiz Trivial Pursuit board game.

Trivial Pursuit Mobile Slots

Named Trivial Pursuit Mobile Slot, the game is a 5-reel, multi-line slot with a bonus quiz feature where you’re asked a Trivial Pursuit Genius question. Players who answer the question correctly double their chances of winning up to £1,500, according to Probability.

Charles Cohen of Probability said: “This game really breaks new ground and gives players something they’ve never had before — a quiz game inside a slot machine that doubles their chances in the bonus round.” Mr Cohen also described the game as “compelling and fun, and has a genuine Triv experience”.

This game is the first of four that Probability are developing under its licence from Hasbro. Mobile gambling versions of Battleships, Connect 4, and Subbuteo will follow later in 2009.