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There are many different varieties of sports bets. Single bets are the most straight forward. This is a single bet to win on one race or event.

Multiple bets are one wager that links together several individual bets. A double is one type of multiple bet. A double bet is one wager that includes a pick in two different events. Both picks are required to win for a payout. Another type of multiple bet is a treble. This bet is the same as a double except that it includes a pick in three different events. Like the double, all picks must win in order for a payout.

Accumulators bring in even more events. A Four-Fold Accumulator is one bet that includes a pick in four different events. Five-Fold Accumulators through Eight-Fold Accumulators include picks in five through eight events, respectively.

Moving into more complicated sports wagers you will find permutations. A permutation is a wager that includes several events at once. You may chose up to 14 events however you must bet the same amount on each event. The following are examples of permutations: Lucky 15, Yankee, Trixie, Patent, Super Yankee, Goliath and Heinz. Each of these requires a different combination of doubles, trebles and accumulators.

From the simple single wager to the more complex Goliath, sports betting provides a thrill for everyone. Mobile Sports Betting lets you place single, treble and accumulator bets through your mobile phone. Try betting with Ladbrokes Mobile Betting, Bwin Mobile Betting and Bet365 Mobile.