Sports betting can now be done through your mobile phone, give mobile betting a try!

For more than two centuries, gambling has been a popular pastime. Bets have been placed on everything from games to horse races. As the Internet has evolved, so has the world of online gambling.

One popular form of online gambling takes place through betting exchanges. Betting exchanges are sites that act as brokers between punters. This allows customers to bet against each other directly.

A betting exchange site will take a commission out of the punter’s earnings. Punters also have the option of supporting or laying an ongoing bet depending on the odds. Some betting exchanges charge a commission of the punter’s bet.

There are some advantages to using a betting exchange. One is the average 20 percent increase in odds of winning. Another advantage is the lack of restrictions on the size of each bet. In addition, the punter does not have to pay a bookie if they are using an online betting exchange site.

As a result, the person placing the bet sees more of his profits disappearing into his own pocket, not that of the bookie.

Online betting exchanges are emerging as a secure and popular means of online gambling. New technology has made Mobile Phone Betting as easy as making a phone call! Try betting on your mobile with Ladbrokes Mobile, William Hill Mobile and Bwin Mobile Betting.