Call Interrupts GameSo you’re in the middle of a game of Aces Royal Mobile Poker, you’ve got a FLUSH, and you’re set to win thousands. But then your mate Lucy decides to ring — your phone closes the game to take the call.

Furiously you tell her you’ll ring back later as you’re in the middle of something very important, and you quickly open the game again. But there’s no sign of the particular game you were in and you have to start all over again, right?

Actually, no. Mobile casino games are carefully designed to minimise the impact of this situation.

This kind of occurrence is handled in the same way as would be when an online casino player’s PC loses its connection, with the record of the game you were playing stored on the gaming server. After the rude interruption, you can re-connect and continue playing exactly where you left off.

So you now owe juicy Lucy an apology, and since you’re a few thousand pounds better off, you can take her out for a drink with your winnings.

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