We continue our complete gambling guide with an explanation of 3 Card Poker.

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Aces Royal

3 Card Poker is very straight forward and simple to play poker game. If you have played Caribbean Stud poker, you may notice that 3 Card Poker is similar to Caribbean stud poker, playing with a deck of 52 cards. The difference between these two games are in 3 Card Poker you are playing with 3 cards instead of 5, and a Straight has higher ranking than a Flush.

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There are two parts you can play in 3 Card Poker:

Pair Plus - in this part, you are not playing against the dealer or any other player on the table, but your own cards. You will win in this part if you are getting ranked hands of a pair or higher. You can win up to 40 times the amount of your bet with the highest ranking hand of a Straight Flush.

Aces Royal Ante/Play – in this part, players are competing against the dealer’s hand. First, players are required to place a bet on the Ante spot; then each player and the dealer will dealt 3 cards.

Players who want to continue to play their hands are required to place a equal size bet to the Ante on the Play spot. Players win the Ante bet only if the dealer’s hand is not qualified to open; and win both the Ante and Play bets if the dealer’s hand is qualified and beats the dealer’s hand.

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